Trying to be organised Part 2

In part one we tackled one of the biggest and most used rooms in the house, although there were areas I did not alight on, in this part, I want to discuss our hallways which generally get turned into dumping grounds for handbags, keys, shoes, everything that you bring in through the front door normally gets dumped as soon as you get through the door, don’t get me started on our upper hallways, they are havens for clothes which don’t make it to laundry.

I always start top down when cleaning my hallway as there is no point cleaning the downstairs and then messing it up again bringing the rubbish from downstairs.

My first tip is bring all laundry into this room, trust me on this one you’ll thank me later.

Once all laundry is in the top hall, grab as many washing baskets as you can and sort the loads of washing into priorities. For me and OH, work wear is a main priority as we wear business wear 3-4 days out of the week. So ensuring we have enough smart clothes to wear to work is quite important for us. Next I sort undergarments as they are of prime importance, then casual wear and household. Once I am on top of the loads, I have a little storage cupboard under stairs, which I place these baskets into, so they don’t clutter the house up, and I try to do as many loads as I can on my days off, if I am in the house the washing machine is almost always running.

Ok so Laundry done and tucked away, the floor is almost clear, next there’s a few thuds of where I throw any shoes over our awning when they’ve been lying at top of stairs causing major trip hazards, OH again I am looking at you. Once all the clutter is thrown overboard I can then start to arrange where I want things, Laundry basket for towels outside bathroom door, Laundry basket separating lights and darks, outside bedroom door, to avoid the build-up of clothes in the bedroom. Once I have it all arranged I then get cracking on the stairs now the stairs are easy all they need is a quick vacuum now I am at the bottom of the stairs I am a bit stuck in the pile of stuff I have thrown over so, I now have to sort the pile of stuff into 3 piles keep bin donate, then I get to work organising the mess which is the downstairs hall normally, and you think with the kitchen being our front door it wouldn’t get that messy but with post and organisation being chaos at the minute it does. So again 3 piles keep bin donate, then I get to work sorting the post into sensitive keep, sensitive get rid. The sensitive keep pile, then gets stored away in a lock box to be organised monthly when I have time. Phew… that’s the hallway cleared, if only I could close the door on it.


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