Trying to be organised PART 1

Hi blog family

Today I want to talk about the wonderful world of home tidying.

Exciting No. Important yes.

Now I will be the first person to say my home isn’t Insta ready or pin worthy. It’s lived in for sure and sitting in the car waiting for my other half I have decided to own up to the fact I am lazy when it comes to housework. Now ask me what needs done and I can give you a list the length of the empire state building and how-to do it. I think it’s finding the motivation to do it. Especially when our lives are so busy. Now I used to do a full work week where my only days to relax were the weekend and who wants to tidy at the weekend?

So I’m sitting here making my lists as usual and I get to thinking. I waste so much time thinking and not enough time doing. So here’s my plan

I am a traditional girl so my work week starts on a Sunday and generally at the time of writing this post my other half gets Sundays off work, so we tend to like to spend this day together, which means me no tidy on this day unless absolutely necessary which I will get to later since I have been reading a few of my favourite Pinterest bloggers posts on home organisation, which I think prompted this idea. So Sunday is a no cleaning day but it doesn’t make it a no organisation day. … Bring in the one note. I’ll show you my one note set up another day as I use it for everything. Who needs a paper bullet journal when you have the adaptability of one note. ahh I am getting off topic. I have a notebook dedicated to my house and its split into 8 sections one for each room I have. now our living room dining room is technically one room, but for the purpose of tidying I always split it into two rooms as it can get overwhelming when you see such a big space needing tidied. I also split the hall up as our house is a two storey and it makes life a little easier focusing on sections rather than the big picture

Ok so. Section 1 – Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home and that’s definitely true for me and my partner as we flipped our house on its head and now use the kitchen as the front of our house. I’ll explain why, whenever you come in from work or a shopping trip you normally have a bag for lunch or shopping and having to carry that through the house you can become complacent and just leave it in the hall while you tend to other things, now by flipping the front door to the back of the house, you have to enter through the kitchen and that means, lunch boxes and shopping don’t get left anywhere but the kitchen, now I hear you saying what about non food items, and I have a master plan, and my partner hates them but they do help with organisation. go get yourself a plastic box or basket, now they don’t have to be huge just big enough to store non kitchen items, when you return from the shopping trip. So you are putting things away and when you come across soaps shampoo’ bathroom cleaning items, etc, have a dedicated box which is easily transportable throughout the house. I went to my local bargain store and just bought myself a set of green wicker ones, though I wish I had bought plastic because if things leak, plastic is a lot easier to clean.

Ok so the shopping is all away in its designated places and I have updated my pantry list with everything I bought, in single items so I know when I need to add that item to my shopping list. check boxes you come in handy for used items. * star items on your shopping list you need to buy every few days like bread as they perish quite quickly, or run out if you live in my house. OH I am looking at you.

When organising your kitchen sticky labels, you know the ones you stick on your kids note books to write their names and classes on, they come in handy for your doors, as you can write what goes where and never have to be like me and say to my other half where is such and such, I just look at the cupboard with the label of the type of thing I am looking for and bingo there it is.

Ok I’ve spent far too much time talking about putting things away and not actually cleaning anything. So now your workspace is clear you can actually get to cleaning it. again my partner hates me doing this but I love basins, they make organising so much easier, I have 2 basins I keep in my kitchen for when we get lazy and have dishes mounting up, I use these as temp storage while I tackle one load of dishes and put them away as I wash them, so I would start with pans as if you get them quick they are easy to clean. otherwise you waste a lot of cleaning time waiting on them to steep. I then tackle plates, bowls and while I am doing that I have my cutlery steeping away, so they just need a wipe off and bam, done and away, I really should video this at some point to show you my process, but for now use your imagination, depending on how lazy we have been, dishes can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes especially if you are waiting on steep time. If I am waiting on steep time, I use that time to organise the counters, and give the hob a good scrub so my time is not completely wasted. Ok dishes and counter tops done, I next sweep, vac and mop the kitchen floor, most days it’s a sweep, 2x week its vacuumed and at least once a week I try to give it a mop. Once I have the kitchen clean, I close the door on it as a sign its clean I don’t have to worry about it again for that day.

Ok this post is long enough, in part 2 I am going to tackle both hallways upper and lower.

In part 3, I will do the dining room and living room.

Part 4 will be the bathroom and office as those rooms don’t really take me too long

Part 5 will be the bedroom as it is quite a big task

Part 6 will be my laundry tips and how I “plan” to stay on top of it all,

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