Being Happy when Life is tough

Hey Blog Fans

Today I want to talk about Being Happy when Life is tough,

It is inevitable at some point in your life that you will encounter some stress, and you can do 2 things, you can choose to bury your head in the sand and let the tough time take over your whole life, or … You can choose to be happy and work positively through the stress, As you may know, I went through a trauma a few years ago now and at the beginning of this year I had a breakdown, Now I had two options I could let my trauma continue to have a hold over my life or I could take positive action and deal with my trauma head-on. My first few weeks, I buried my head in the sand like an ostrich steadily getting worse and worse, until one day when I was feeling my lowest, I went and spoke to my local Samaritans branch which made me feel umpteen times better about my situation, it’s okay for parents, partners, friends to say it will be okay, you’re not at fault. But believing them is completely different than hearing it from a stranger who has no personal bias towards you.

It has been 4 months 22 days since I had my breakdown and each day I am getting stronger and stronger. I have been able to talk about the incident without feeling the mounting dread, although I have felt scared that there will be some retribution towards me for coming forward, I have got to stop living my life in fear. If there is retribution against me, I am safe and there are safeguards in place for my sanity and personal protection.

If you want to be happy you have to embrace your unhappiness and find a way to work through it may it be taking time to talk to someone about it, going to the gym and kicking some butt in a boxing ring, or against a punch bag, or do a me and do what I’ve mentioned as well as write about it. See if I didn’t have this blog I would still be trying to come to terms with what happened to me, I don’t think I would have been able to talk about it or deal with it in the way I have.

Finding ways to care for me has really been a big part of finding my happiness

I spend my evenings now relaxing on my yoga mat reading my books when my partner isn’t home, I buy myself luxurious shower products to encourage me to take care of my skin, I am in love with the sanctuary charcoal shower foam, it makes my skin feel so silky smooth. I find a few moments in my work day where I feel my anxiety flare up. I have this beautiful body oil from doodle and broom in Lavender and Bergamot which is helping me to resist scratching at my arms as a way to relieve the stress. I also have the best manager a girl could ask for, who is super supportive of me and understands my situation. I also have come away from caffeine as I find caffeine exacerbates my anxiety levels making me very jumpy and then my mood seems to crash as the caffeine wears off.

Do any of my lovely blog fans, have any tips on how to improve mental health?


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