Hey Everyone

Hey Blog Fans, yes it really is me back again, sorry for the hiatus, had a few personal issues to be dealing with some of which are very serious,

but I am back and so glad to be here, I’ve missed you guys, So whats everyone been up to, while I have been away? I’d seriously love to know if any of you have picked up any hobbies, I’ve been trying my hand at knitting and so far can only cast on, I haven’t been able to knit my first row … YET. I am planning a big mental health post for this month now I am back because the Month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month and if anyone knows about the struggles of MH it is me, I didn’t have the best start to the year as some of my readers may know. From Suicidal thoughts to Low Self-esteem and maybe a touch of agoraphobia when I have been feeling particularly bad.

But………. anyways this was just a quickie to say I haven’t forgotten you all.

Much Love

Helen Writes xoxo

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