Why I became a Blogger

Hey everyone, Helen back again and as promised in the last post I want to tell you why I became a blogger.

The reason why is simply because writing makes me feel like I have a friend, someone I can talk to without fear of reproach. The reason why I didn’t choose a niche like fashion or beauty is that I am not that type of girl, I am a social recluse, not a complete bookworm, not a tomboy not a girly girl. I don’t really have a label, I suppose I am an eclectic soul, like a sphere I have an infinite amount of facets to me. I love reading crime fiction, watching mystery tv, as much as I loathe saying this when the mood strikes me cleaning can be very comforting to me. I am a creature of comfort I find solace in a noisy coffee shop where I can shut off my thoughts.

The reason behind the name: Helen L Writes, is simply my name and because I am an aspiring writer. I wish I could say there was some deeper meaning behind it all, but I wanted the name to be me, something that I could make a name for myself out of.

I used to have this a4 ring binder as a kid where I used to keep my writings and just some a4 paper punched into it. It was my diary. I could write whatever I wanted to in there and because it looked like another school binder no one ever looked into it. I guess having that little black binder gave me the inspiration to write and just be me. Coincidentally I now prep my posts in an a4 binder. Maybe one day I’ll show you it

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