Well Hello There

Hey there, it is Helen and I just want to drop by to say Hello and Welcome to Helenwritesxoxo.net

I suppose I should introduce myself. I am Helen 25 and I live in Northern Ireland. Sure the weather is not bad if you don’t mind the constant rain LOL.
I was diagnosed with autism about 12 years ago, we are actually coming up on the 12th anniversary of my diagnosis, it is quite apt that I was diagnosed just before WAAD, for those who do not know the acronym it stands for World Autism Awareness Day.
Things I love are my books, cold days, warm blankets, my partner, uplifting happy songs that are so cringe-worthy that I cannot help to smile and then there is the dark broody music which is good for when I work out. There are so many facets to me I could be here all day writing.
Things I hate, rude people who would look through you and cut you with their eyes, mess, i know my house gets untidy from time to time but it really stresses me out and makes me anxious about my environment. I am currently writing this post from my bed until I get my office in some sort of order. I also hate “fake friends” who pretend to be nicey nice to you for a while and then ghost you. Just because I am on the autism spectrum does not mean to say I have no feelings, sure when you tell me things it may take me longer to process them, and fully understand the meaning, if people want to ghost me, just don’t become my friend in the first place, I don’t have many friends and to be honest as much as I would like a circle of friends who truly understand me, sometimes between work and the minefields of social interactions I have to work through, my brain cannot cope with friends coming and going as they see fit. I cannot physically understand why someone would do that to a human being and I know people grow apart, but come on that is a mutual decision.
Sorry for the tangent where was I now.
Oh Yes telling you about who I am, I am a passionate person as that little rant probably demonstrated, I try to stay out of the politics and the news unless it is a life or death situation, Not because I am disinterested in politics but because I am a peacekeeper I do not like to start arguments for the sake of it. In fact, with my autism, arguments tend to cause me major stress, and I know what you are thinking why become a blogger then, well I will tell you the reason behind why I became Helen Writes xoxo, in my next post, as I think I have rambled on enough.
This is Helen, signing off xoxo

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